Our Board & Volunteers

The Pittsburgh Chess Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to chess education and promoting chess in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County. The club is an entirely volunteer organization. We cannot thank our volunteers enough for their sacrifice, dedication, and reliability.

Mark Jeromin
Mark JerominPresident & CEO, Acting Secretary, Acting Treasurer
Also: Tournament Director, Publicity, Webmaster

Term Ends: 2021

Patrick Barron
Patrick BarronVice President
Term Ends: 2022
Steve O'Connor
Steve O'ConnorBoard Director
Term Ends: 2021
Jerry Meyers
Jerry MeyersScholastic Director
Term Ends: 2022
Yisrael Isaacson
Yisrael IsaacsonBoard Director
Term Ends: 2023
Finn Erik Øverlie
Finn Erik ØverlieBoard Director
Term Ends: 2023
Edward Dean
Edward DeanBoard Director
Term Ends: 2023
Melih Özbek
Melih ÖzbekSpecial Events Manager
Chris Coleman
Chris ColemanOnline Tournament Organizer

Additional thanks to…

We would also like to thank others who have recently volunteered their time and/or equipment to the club:

  • FM Gabriel Petesch
  • Boyd Reed
  • Shane Barrett
  • Michael Opaska
  • Ashley Lynn Priore
  • Peter Jansen
  • Jeff Schragin
  • Greg Thomas
  • Joe Winwood
  • Sam Shoykhet
  • Paul Cantalupo
  • NM Evan Park
  • GM Alexander Shabalov
  • Sean Evans
  • Narkeeran Narasimhan
  • Madhavan Narkeeran
  • NM Thomas Magar
  • NM Franklin Chen
  • John Barroso
  • Dennis Reilly
  • Jeff Flohr
  • Amanda Jeromin
  • Jim Szurek
  • Mike Schulte

If you can help in any capacity (even if only for 1 hour per week/per month), please contact us at pccinfo@pittsburghchessclub.org.