Membership Changes

Due to the extraordinary times we live in today, the Club has (for a trial period) changed its membership pricing to a “Pay What You Want” format. Minimum dues for Regular Memberships have been reduced to $20/yr, Junior and Senior Memberships are now $15/yr., and Associates are now $3/yr.

All members will receive the following benefits:

  • Personalized Membership card
  • Club stickers
  • Invitations to our members-only events
  • Access to our monthly online lectures
  • A digital subscription to our publication, En Passant
  • A chance to compete for the title of Club Champion

If a member pays more than the minimum dues, we offer bonus rewards depending on the total:

  • Passed Pawn: 15% discount on online/OTB tournaments, in addition to the benefits above
  • Bishop Pair: 20% discount on on all of our club merchandise (year round), including all Passed Pawn benefits and benefits listed above

As this is still work-in-progress, we are looking at improving the bonus rewards. Note that when we do make changes, any members who have committed to any bonus levels will be eligible for any changes and additional perks to those levels.

Since March, memberships were frozen as we could not keep the club available. Effective today, we are unfreezing memberships and migrating them to the new model. Refunds will be offered based on the pro-rated difference of what members paid in the previous model minus the cost of a membership today.

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