As you may know by now, the Pittsburgh Chess Club has a new residence at 5869 Forbes Ave. in Squirrel Hill. In order to maintain this space for tournaments, classes, and club sponsored events, we must increase our membership pricing. Starting July 9th, 2021, we will set new pricing and benefits:

Membership Monthly (one-time $10 initiation fee) Yearly
Junior (ages 17 and under) $5.50 $65
Senior (ages 65 and over) $7.25 $85
Regular $8.50 $100


All memberships will include the following benefits:

  • Personalized Membership card
  • Club stickers (and other fun stuff shipped occasionally)
  • 2021 Limited Edition Membership Coin (minting date TBA — roughly August/September)
  • Usage of our club room during open hours — there’s always a Club Steward to play against
  • Access to our library, a huge number of books
  • Access to our WiFi
  • Digital subscription to our publication, En Passant
  • Access to our En Passant Archive (since 1944)
  • Discounted or exclusive invitations to all club activities, including:
    • Free classes for players rated U1200
    • Discounted classes for players rated U1800
    • Summer chess camps
    • Lectures by leading players and instructors
    • Discounted weekly tournaments
    • Simultaneous Exhibitions
    • 10% off our club merchandise
  • A chance to compete for the title of Club Champion
  • Shared learning and camaraderie with other chess players
  • Keeping the chess community thriving in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County

Current memberships will be grandfathered into the new model at no extra charge. If you're a current member, there is no action or dues adjustments needed on your part.

If you have any questions, please write to [email protected].

Thank you for supporting the Pittsburgh Chess Club.