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Event Series Event Series: 33rd Richard Abrams Memorial

33rd Richard Abrams Memorial

The Pittsburgh Chess Club is proud to host our 33rd Richard Abrams Memorial. This tournament will be USCF rated and in person / over the board.

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Schedule and Location

Tournament Rounds: Tuesdays, 6:30PM EST, December 7, 2021 – January 11, 2022.

  • Round 1: 6:30PM EST, December 7th, 2021
  • Round 2: 6:30PM EST, December 14th, 2021
  • Round 3: 6:30PM EST, December 21st, 2021
  • Round 4: 6:30PM EST, December 28th, 2021
  • Round 5: 6:30PM EST, January 4th, 2021
  • Round 6: 6:30PM EST, January 11th, 2021

Location: The Pittsburgh Chess Club.

Tournament Format

Format: 6 Round Swiss System, one game every Tuesday

Time Control: Game/120; delay 5 (Time limit is 120 minutes per player with a 5 second delay per move).


  • Open: Open to all Pittsburgh Chess Club Members with active US Chess membership


  • Pairings will be based on the December 2021 US Chess rating supplement (see Ratings below). The highest rating will be used for pairing purposes.
  • Normally, pairings will be made by Monday noon and will be posted online (pairings page) and on a printed sheet affixed to the wall in the club.
  • All pairings are tentative. Posted pairings will become official (aka. final) at 4:30pm every Tuesday. All players who have not withdrawn or requested a BYE prior to the start of each round will be paired and expected to play in each rounds regardless of their results. A player will be forfeited if he or she does not arrive at his or her assigned board to play a scheduled game before the expiration of the default time, which is the lesser of the time control or 60 minutes. Please see Commitment to play all rounds, below.

Ratings: All players must be current USCF members to play in this tournament. Players can purchase or renew USCF memberships in conjunction with entering the tournament. To see membership options, details and dues or to purchase or renew memberships directly online, click here: https://new.uschess.org/become-member. Membership dues are non-refundable even if the tournament is cancelled or the player withdraws. All games will be USCF-rated. Official USCF ratings will apply as listed below in order of priority:

  • USCF Regular
  • USCF Quick
  • USCF Online-Regular
  • USCF Online-Quick

Any player who does not have any of the USCF ratings listed above will be entered as an unrated player.


$1000 prize fund based on 32 players:

  • 1st place – $225, 2nd place – $175, Top U2000 – $150, Top Under 1800 – $125, Top Under 1600 – $100, Top Under 1400 – $75, Top Under 1200 – $75, Top Under 1000 – $75
  • Largest upset win (if at least 200 points) gets free entry to any future 2022 PCC tournament! (up to $50)
  • Prizes will paid on-site by check. If a prize is not collected, it will be transferred to winner’s designated PayPal account (if provided) or the check will be sent to their physical mailing address.
  • Per IRS rules anyone with a cumulative $600+ prizes in any calendar year will need to fill out a W9 and The Pittsburgh Chess Club will be providing a 1099 form.



  • Byes are available for players in any round in case they can't participate but would like to stay in the tournament.
  • A request for up to two half-point byes will be accepted under the following conditions:
    • All byes are irrevocable
    • A player may cancel an irrevocable half-point bye under the condition that if the player wins, the result will be treated as a draw for prize purposes.
    • Byes for rounds 4, 5 and 6 must be requested before the start of round 3.
    • Bye requests must be made by 4:30PM on Tuesday prior to the round. Bye requests after this deadline will be considered 0 point byes.

Tournament rules

  • Standard US Chess rules apply.

Fair Play

  • Use of computer chess engines, databases, chess books, magazines, written notes and any other form of external assistance while playing is strictly prohibited. Assistance from other players is also prohibited and will result in disqualification.
  • The electronic score keeping devices, ChessNoteR and eNotate, cannot be used at this tournament


Please email [email protected] if you have any questions. Or call (412) 421-1881.


  • Advance entry is recommended to be assured of a place in any section.
  • PCC Member Entry Fee: $40. Discounts for members who are Passed Pawn and Bishop Pair rewards status will be honored.
  • Non-PCC Member Entry Fee: $50 until December 5th, $55 after December 5th
  • Administrative Fee: $10 for all cancellations & refunds. Refund checks will be sent through the mail and must be requested before the start of Round 1.
  • Online registration: closes when Round 3 is officially paired @ 4:30 PM, Tuesday, December 21st.
  • Late registrants who register after 6:15 PM, Tuesday, December 7th may have to take a half point bye in Round 1. Players who register after 6:15 PM, Tuesday, December 14th may have to take two half-point byes for rounds 1 & 2.
  • On-site registration will be available:
    • Tuesday, December 7th, 5:15PM – 6:15PM
    • Tuesday, December 14th, 5:15PM – 6:15PM
  • Commitment to play all rounds: All players who have not withdrawn or requested a BYE prior to the start of each round will be paired and expected to play in each rounds regardless of their results. A player will be forfeited if he or she does not arrive at his or her assigned board to play a scheduled game before the expiration of the default time, which is the lesser of the time control or 60 minutes. Once a forfeit occurs, the player is automatically withdrawn from the event, unless they pay the appropriate forfeit penalty fee.
  • Forfeit penalty fee: $10
  • Players must agree to our COVID-19 Safety Acknowledgement and Release


Pittsburgh Chess Club has designed the 81st Pittsburgh Chess Club Chamionship to be compliant with current covid-related requirements. Based on guidance from PA Department of Health FAQ, and the CDC, we have listed the requirements most pertinent to this tournament:

  • If any player shows symptoms of sickness or fever, their tournament entry will cancelled and fully refunded.
  • We will be providing hand sanitizer and latex gloves to anyone who wants them


# Name Handle ID Rating Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Total Prize
1 Edward Dean   12670976 2084 W6 D4 D2 W11 W3 W7 5.0 $156.25 – 1st Place
2 Eric Lindauer   12628896 1946 W17 W12 D1 D3 W8 W6 5.0 $156.25 – 1st Place
3 Bruce Leverett   10142512 2206 W5 W11 W8 D2 L1 W9 4.5  
4 John Vuillemot   17095890 1589 W20 D1 W16 L8 D6 W12 4.0 $117.19 – Top U2000
5 James Roy Provins   10140501 1526 L3 H— W24 L7 W19 W14 3.5 $58.59 – Top U1800/1600
6 Vincent Lamperski   12890086 1484 L1 W25 W9 W10 D4 L2 3.5 $58.59 – Top U1800/1600
7 Douglas Deptola   12724835 1477 H— L16 W23 W5 W17 L1 3.5 $58.59 – Top U1800/1600
8 Franklin Chen   12226800 2097 W13 W9 L3 W4 L2 U— 3.0  
9 Nicho Athanassiou   30188114 1775p W22 L8 L6 W19 W13 L3 3.0  
10 Alexander Spitzer   30276454 1670p H— D14 W19 L6 U— W17 3.0  
11 Finn Overlie   13157316 1624 W25 L3 W20 L1 L14 W18 3.0  
12 Glenn Brown   12292250 1606 W23 L2 W14 U— W18 L4 3.0  
13 Yisrael Isaacson   10105404 1500 L8 W18 H— H— L9 W20 3.0  
14 Matt Mahan   12744033 954 D15 D10 L12 W20 W11 L5 3.0 $58.59 – Top U1400
15 Mark Jeromin   12809603 1679 D14 H— H— U— W23 U— 2.5  
16 Kenneth Harper   12453505 1678 H— W7 L4 L17 U— W22 2.5  
17 Avi Teitelbaum   30235842 1270p L2 D23 W22 W16 L7 L10 2.5 Upset Prize
18 Bryant Sims   12606500 1218 L21 L13 W25 W24 L12 L11 2.0  
19 Sam Kinkus   12491690 877p H— H— L10 L9 L5 W25 2.0 $58.59 – Top U1200
20 Daniel Hodgson   30308543 unr. L4 W22 L11 L14 W24 L13 2.0  
21 James Carr   16121290 1755 W18 H— U— U— U— U— 1.5  
22 Daniel Kolich   12244160 1234 L9 L20 L17 H— W25 L16 1.5  
23 Benjamin Pollack   13003458 unr. L12 D17 L7 W25 L15 U— 1.5  
24 Ryan Leverett   12873957 588 H— H— L5 L18 L20 U— 1.0 $58.59 – Top U1000
25 William Murtha   30318852 unr. L11 L6 L18 L23 L22 L19 0.0  


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