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Education FAQ

  1. Do you offer classes for kids? for adults?
    We offer classes of all skill levels, Beginner through Advanced. Our Beginner and Advanced Beginner classes will be held each quarter, the starting date depending on instructor availability. Some classes will have a Junior section for ages 6-14, some will have an Adult section for ages 16+, but most will have a General section for ages 8+.
  2. Are PCC classes free?
    We offer Beginner and Advanced Beginner courses exclusively to our members, free of charge.
  3. Do I need to be a PCC member to take classes?
    Our Beginner and Advanced Beginner club classes are offered to members only. Other classes may be available to the public with a cost. Please see the class event page for details.
  4. How long do your classes run?
    Our club classes for Beginner and Advanced Beginner run for 6-weeks, one hour lesson each week. Our other club classes may run at different lengths and duration. Please see the class event page for details.
  5. Is it alright if we miss a class?
    It is highly recommended to attend all classes. However, our lesson plans cover a wide range of topics, so missing one class should not create any issues. If you are going to miss the rest of the course, we do ask that you please withdraw your class registration.
  6. How late can I register for your Beginner / Advanced Beginner club classes?
    We will usually keep registration open through the last lesson, unless class registration has exceeded capacity.
  7. My online rating is over 1200, should I register for an Advanced Beginner course?
    While the ratings for some online rating systems may vary in comparison with U.S. Chess rating system, we generally will not recommend Advanced Beginner courses for members rated above 1200. But for players rated under 1000, we will recommend either the Beginner or Advanced Beginner courses.
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