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Membership FAQ

  1. How can I become a member of the Pittsburgh Chess Club?
    Anyone can join the club through our Membership signup page.
  2. What type of memberships are available?
    We have memberships available for different age groups: Junior Membership (for ages 17 and under), Senior Membership (for ages 65 and over), and Regular Membership (for ages 18-64).
  3. How much is it to become a member?
    We have options to pay for Membership dues annually or monthly. Monthly prices will include a one-time setup fee to cover the costs of the membership card and any other on-boarding costs. Please see our pricing page for details.
  4. When is the club open?
    The club is normally closed to the public (ie. no walk-ins). Members can access the club during Club Hours, tournaments, classes, and any special events, but will need their membership keycard to enter. Please see our events calendar for days/times.
  5. Are members required to attend the club?
    No, there is no attendance requirement. Members can participate in club events as their schedule allows.
  6. How do I enter the club with my membership keycard?
    In order to enter the club, you must enter through the front exterior door along Forbes Ave. (under the 98k Hamburger sign). Wave your membership keycard over the card reader (the block next to twith a red LED). When the block emits a green light, your access has been granted and the door latch will temporarily unlock for a short period of time, allowing you to pull the door open. Please note that the doorknob does not turn, you will need to pull the door to open.
  7. Why is the door reader not accepting my keycard?
    If the door reader remains red after waving your keycard, there could be a few reasons for this:

    1. Your keycard has not been activated.
    2. The door is not scheduled to allow you to enter.
    3. Please check the events calendar to make sure the club is available. If your access is denied during Club Hours, tournaments, or classes, please contact member services by phone at 412-421-1881.
  8. I need to pick up my keycard. What do I do?
    Contact Member Services by email or phone to make arrangements to pickup your membership keycard.
  9. I'm a Junior Member, do I need to be accompanied by my parent/guardian?
    Members under the age of 13 will need to be accompanied by their parent or guardian. There is an exception in our access policy to allow for the non-member parent and guardian.
  10. I've lost me keycard, what do I do?
    Contact Member Services by email or phone to make arrangements a replacement keycard and to deactivate the old card. An invoice will be sent in email to cover the cost of the replacement.
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