Official Rules

The Pittsburgh Chess Club Online Grand Prix is a monthly challenge to encourage participation in online PCC tournaments as well as improving chess. Grand Prix points are awarded based on tournament performance and score. Points can also be earned through puzzles.

Player Eligibility
Players must be members of the Pittsburgh Chess Club on,

All eligible players who participate in eligible events are automatically registered for the Grand Prix and Leaderboard. Players may opt-out by notifying a PCC Admin, and will be removed.

Event Eligibility
Points can be earned at any online PCC tournament, including: PCC Wednesday Night Arena, PCC Thursday Night Special, PCC Saturday Morning Arena, and PCC Sunday Morning Rapid.

How to Earn GP Points
1. Top score points.

• 1st Place: 10 points
• 2nd Place: 8 points
• 3rd Place: 6 points
• 4th-5th Place: 4 points
• 6th-8th Place: 2 points
• 9th-10th Place: 1 point

2. Rating bracket points.
For players rated under 2000, rating-brackets give 6 points to the top player or players, according to this procedure:
• Entry ratings are used.
• Only players who remain in a Swiss tournament until the last round will be eligible for rating bracket points. (full point byes in any round are acceptable).
• Only players who remain active throughout a Blitz Arena tournament will be eligible for rating bracket points. Timestamp gaps between games must be less than 30-minutes to count as active.
• Brackets are ideally based on 100s of rating points (1900-1999, 1800-1899, etc.)
• In case there are less than 3 players in a bracket, this bracket is merged with the next lower bracket.
• Points for the lowest bracket (after any mergings as explained above) are awarded normally even if there are only 2 players in it. If only 1 player is in the bracket, however, the player is included in the next higher bracket.
• If a player who was awarded top-score points also earns bracket points, only 5-points (not 6) are awarded for rating-bracket points.
• In case of ties within a rating bracket, all players tied receive 5 points each.

3. Game played points.
Every player receives 1 point for a loss; 2 points for a draw; and 3 points for a win. Forfeit losses or wins, and byes are not eligible.

4. Canceled tournament points.
Every player who successfully joins a PCC online tournament and that is either canceled due to not enough players or abruptly halted due to a failure on, will receive 10 points. Please use this submission form to notify the GP admin who will validate and grant GP points:

5. Biggest upset points.
An upset win is when a player beats an opponent who has a rating over 200 points greater. The player with the an upset win in a tournament will earn 5 GP points.

6. Points for tactics training.
Players can earn 1 point per day by attempting at least 5 rated puzzles. Players may double this reward to a maximum of 2 points per day for 100% success rate. Upon completion, it must be reported within 24 hours either using the submission form or by notifying the Grand Prix Director (The_Knight_Manager) to earn points.

Grand Prix point tie breaks
In the event of a tie on Grand Prix points, the following tie breaks are applied, in order:
• Most tournament wins;
• Most tournament second places;
• head-to-head score, in terms of matches, between players tied;
• prizes are split (if possible)

At the end of the month, a prize will be given to the top player with the highest point total. The winner can choose from one of the following prizes:

  • 1-year Platinum membership
  • 3-month Diamond membership
  • 1-year Gold membership
  • 1-hour Private Lesson from FM Gabriel Petesch
  • Gift certificate to:
    • Steel City Chess
    • Chess House
    • House of Staunton
    • USCF Sales
    • Wholesale Chess

Alternatively, the winner can elect to have the cash equivalent of their prize donated to a charity of their choice registered with

Alternatively, the winner can elect to decline the prize and it will be given to the next drawn number.