2024 Blitz in the Park I

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Schedule and Location

Tournament Rounds: Sunday, May 19, 2024 3:30pm | 4pm | 4:30pm | 5pm
Location: Schenley Park, at the Westinghouse grounds (W Circuit Rd Pittsburgh, PA 15217).
NO on-site registration: All players must pre-register online as the TD will have limited resources available to register on-site. Online registration closes at 11PM Saturday the night before.
Capacity: There is a maximum capacity of 16 players. It is recommended to register early.
Parking: There is paid parking on the street. There is also limited free parking in the middle of the road directly in front of the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.
Restrooms: There will be a portable toilet on-site. In addition, there are also restrooms available at the soccer field.

Park Map: Schenley Park Map
Rain or Shine: The tournament will proceed regardless of rain or clear skies. Players should dress for the weather, noting average summer temperatures in Pittsburgh (ie. range between 60-84).
Emergency Weather Adjournment: In case of an impending weather emergency while games are in progress (ie. flash flood, tornado, lightning, high heat, high wind, etc.), it is the Tournament Director's discretion to announce an Emergency Weather Warning. After games have been completed, the tournament will be postponed for a period of time at the discretion of the tournament director depending on what the situation demands. It is preferable to resume the tournament on the same day, at the same venue, as soon as weather has become fair. If it is not possible to resume at the same venue on the same day based on weather forecasts, it is the Director's discretion to may move the tournament indoors to the Pittsburgh Chess Club clubhouse (about 1-mile away from Westinghouse grounds).


  • PCC Custom Medals for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place winners.
  • In case of a tie for 1st Place, players in contention for the medal will play special playoff rounds with time control G/5 d0. If players are still tied after the agreed upon number of playoff rounds, then the medal will be awarded based on USCF Rule 34E for calculating Swiss tie-breaks. Playoff rounds will not be rated.


Tournament Rules

Fair Play

  • Use of computer chess engines, databases, chess books, magazines, written notes and any other form of external assistance while playing is strictly prohibited. Assistance from other players is also prohibited and will result in disqualification.
  • The electronic score keeping devices, ChessNoteR and eNotate, cannot be used at this tournament


Please email [email protected] if you have any questions. Or call (412) 421-1881.


  • Advance entry is required. There is no onsite registration.
  • PCC Member Advance Entry Fee: $16
  • Non-Member Advance Entry Fee: $20
  • There is no advanced entry fee for FIDE titled & USCF titled players, NM and higher. Please use promo code "TITLED-SWISS" at checkout.
  • Online registration: closes at 11:00 PM Saturday the night before.
  • All players must check-in with the Tournament Director during on-site roll call. Failure to check-in could risk automatic withdraw from the tournament.
  • Commitment to play paired rounds: All players who have not withdrawn prior to the start of each round pairing will be paired and expected to play in that round -regardless of their results. A player will be forfeited if he or she does not arrive at his or her assigned board to play a scheduled game before the expiration of the default time, which is the lesser of the time control or 60 minutes. Once a forfeit occurs, the player is automatically withdrawn from the event and they will be charged a forfeit penalty fee.
  • Forfeit penalty fee: $10

Advance Entries


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